Web College is a Web Training Professional Institution which is powered by E-NETWORK BUSINESS SOLUTION.
E-Network Business Solution is a Registered ICT Company in Nigeria with RC No 2449420 which so aim of formation of Web College is to Train and Teach Nigerian Youth, Job Seekers, Corporate Organization, Student and Working Class on
How To Build Websites & Mobile Apps
** With No Previous Knowledge Required*
Within 1-7 Days. 2 Days for Training,3 Days for project Development & 2 Days for Exam and Certificate Collection

Why Web College Exist!

The level of unemployment amongst Nigerian youths has hit a record high and as part of E-Network Business Solution commitment to nation building and job creation, some of our staff visited the NYSC camp in some state in Nigeria, to sensitize the Corps members on how they can become self employed by starting a profitable internet-based business. That is how Web College Started it full Operation as the first indigenous Digital Web College Institution in Nigeria

graduated Student of the College get Professional Certificate at the end of their Training & Exam which help them to boast their Carer and Job Hunting Opportunity
Each admitted student of the college is entitled to earn a lifetime monthly salary income range of N20,000 to N40,0000 as a start up salary implementation policy [SSIP] coming from our company.We have build and develop a Unique part time working Module that can enable our student achieve that.Every Student is also given access to become a Data Service Agent for all Nigerian Telecommunication Network provider[MTN, AIRTEL,GLO,9MOBILE]. Bill / Money Transfer Agent which help each student to make atleast N30,000 per month vending Data and Paying Bills/Transfer to people around them.
Every student is expected to take our first Web Company College Course before their main chosen course of study.
E-NETWORK BUSINESS SOLUTION through the initiative of Web College is in partnership with Harvard University, Australian National University,Google Inc that enable our graduated student to have access to free scholarship education and acquire international recognized Degree and Certification in various field of study such as Digital Marketing, Computer Science, Law, Engineering, Business Management etc

Here is An Overview of Our Avalable Course Module and What You Will Learn as a Student


Module #1 Company Web College,
In this video/Training, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch. In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as you are taken from basic through advanced concepts. The student will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc. Everything is covered step by step in a way you will appreciate
Module #2 School Web College,
After going through this video/Training Course, you will be able to build a school website and integrate school portal with online registration, course registration, result checking, attendance, accommodation, transportation, time table, parent portal and many other features. The average fee schools pay for portal setup is N250k. One of our students made 1M from just 1 school deal.
Module #3 Hotel Web College,
The demand for hotel websites is on the increase in Nigeria .with the ever increasing number of hotels. This video/Training teaches how to build a hotel website from scratch with online reservation and booking application system. Hotels are ready to pay you 200k and above for a custom solution. This module comes with a sample hotel proposal you can edit, print and submit to hotels.Getting a Landing paid Job as a Hotel Portal Developer in the prestigious Hotel around the country is guarantee.
Module #4 Car Directory Web College,
This video/Training covers step by step on how to build a car dealership and car directory website like cheki.com.ng, jiji.ng This is a nice business model. Cheki charges N1000 per car listed. If you check their website, you will notice that they have more than 150,000 cars listed on their portal. Thats a whooping N150 million per month for them.This module will teach you step by step how to build a site like cheki and a website for a car dealer and get paid.
Module #5 eCommerce Web College,
With the internet revolution and cashless policy in Nigeria, ecommerce is the next BIG niche. ecommerce sites are spring up everyday; general merchandise, boutique, cosmetic shops, bookshops, etc. This video/Training covers step by step on how to build a functional and secure ecommerce platform like jumia and konga with marketplace or multi seller functionality. You can get hired by compny to work as an eCommerce expect or start a trending ecommerce business.
Module #6 Hospital Web College,
Hospitals are not left out. This training module covers without leaving anything out, how to build websites for hospitals from scratch. It also covers how to setup a Hospital Management System (HMS) to manage everything in the hospital – doctors, nurses, pharmacist, support staff, prescription, treatment, laboratories, etc.Student will also get a sample proposal they can edit and submit to hospitals.You can get a handsomely Paid Job in the Hospital as a web administrator in no time.
Module #7 Event Web College,
Millions of events are planned in Nigeria every months. Tens of thousands of them are desperately in need of a website. This module will teach you how to setup a professional website for an event with registration and online payments gateway integration. You can become an event web consultant, consulting for firm around the country by given them advice on how they can use Technology [Website], to Automate their event Management system. You can land your self a paid Job on Event Base company.
Module #8 Digital Marketing Web College,
This training covers the theoretical and technical aspect of sales and squeeze page design. How to set up killer sales page for products and services. It covers the psychology of color in marketing online and how you can design your sales page to ensure maximum sales. Everything about video sales letter, pop ups, opt ins, etc. How to setup funnels – upsell page, download page, OTO page etc are all covered in this Module. Company in Nigeria can hire you as a Digital Marketer to help them increase their sale and brand awareness.
Module #9 Membership Sites Web College,
After going through this video/training, the student will learn one click at a time how to build a membership website of any type and magnitude. How to create a password protected members area, manage users, subscriptions, access levels, contents, payments, etc. It covers different content model like the drop feeding delivery module..Membership suspension or downgrade/upgrade Module. You can charge up to 300k just to setup a Membership system for an individual, organization or company. The opportunity that exist as a Membership developer is just too many to mention here.
Module #10 Church Web College,
In this Video/Training Module, you will Learn how to build church portals and internet ministries with Live Streaming Integration, Prayer Request Forms, Church Management System and many more features, online payments, etc This module is very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your clients will pay you a premium for this service. You can be hired by church to help them get online. A paid salary is also waiting for you in the Church as a freelancer church website developer.
Module #11 Social Network Web College,
In this video/Training, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for Social network engagement, site like Facebook.com, twitter and a lot more are built by someone and this have made their owner millions. You can set up a social Network kind of portal within a few click of the mouse point by point and get instant result. You will be equipped and trained on how you can get good paying Job as a Social Network web Developer or how you can start your own Social Network kind of business in Nigeria and make real money from the process. The real secret behind how Facebook and other Social Network are making money everyday will be review to you and how you can quickly clone their system of making money to help boast your Social Network engagement skill and turn it into money spinner system.
Module #12 Android & iOS App Web College,
There are more smartphone users than computer users…Smartphones have become the accessibility device of choice. Right now is a very high demand for apps and businesses are paying consultants to help them build apps for them. Don’t just build websites, add mobile apps.
This modules covers step by step how to port your website into an app and how to create apps for normal websites and apps for ecommerce websites.Company will employ you as an app developer and pay you handsomely while you can also start up an App base Company to empower of build an App for massive income return.
Module #13 Wedding Website Web College,
In this video/Training, you will learn step by step how to build professional websites for weddings, anniversaries, yearbook, etc from scratch. This module also teaches basic image editing with Graphic Design Software like CorelDraw CS3. No previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts.
Module #14 Pro-Blog Web College,
In this video/Training Course, you will learn step by step how to build professional blog from scratch. You will learn Business Blog Development, Corporate Blog Development, Entertainment Blog Development, Blog For Advertisement and How to Create a brand of your own in web by sharing your Opinion on societal issues and how you can become rich through blogging
Module #15 Real-estate Web College,
In this video/Training Course, you will learn step by step how to build professional Real-Estate Website from scratch. You will learn How real estate webiste function, how to list property, How to become a Real Estate Agent, How to Land yourself a Pad Job as a Freelancer Real Estate Web Developer. How to connect Agent, House Owner and Buyer using the power of Real Estate Technology and make up to 500k per month as a Real Estate business owner. You will learn also how site like https://www.nigeriapropertycentre.com/, https://www.privateproperty.com.ng/ and other related Real Estate outfit in Nigeria is making million every month through this business and how you can scale your real estate business to 1M every month.
Module #16 Bank Application Web College,
In this video/Training Course, you will learn step by step how to build professional Bank Website and Bank Application from scratch. You wll Learn every Tecnical apsect of building a functional Bank website and also how you can get a good Job in the Bank as a Bank application Developer.



Job Seekers, Student in Higher Institutions in Nigeria including [Polytechnics, Colleges of Educations, Universities], Private and Corporate Organization, Churches, NGOs.


Our Training Module come in two Format:
1 Physical Training Module: To be hosted as an event and seminar,
2 Digital Training Module: To be issue out to the student to take home.

1.Digital Module Training
This is an instant Digital purchase of any our Training Module of the above mentioned Course Module which the student can purchase & study on their own time using their computer system. Each course Module can be purchase individually by the student at N6000 per each Course Module or N96000 for all the Course Training Module.
2.Physical Training Module We partner with different institutions of Learning and Corporation in Nigeria to Teach Web College Course. Our company accept minimum of 5 student and maximum of 25 student per each training section, the student pay N2000 for Physical Training Fee Charge per student and can buy each training module for N5500 or collectively for N70000.
A Physical 1GB Flash Drive and 1 Month Free Data Subscription is given to any student who purchase minimum of 3 Course in any course Module or Training.
Exam and Certificate fee collection per student after their training is N4000.
Exam can be done Online or Offline at our Contact Centre Nation-wide.
You are require to get your application ID from an accredited Agent Nation-wide at the rate of N5500 per course for physical student or N6000 for Digital Student.
To apply for the training,follow the guideline below.
Step 1
  • Make payment into our Company Bank account below for your course Purchase or training.Note: Don’t give your money to an Agent you do not know too well to avoid lost of money. We only attend to student which their payment have been confirmed from the bank. You can register for any of your preferred course. You will also need a valid Registrar ID and Application ID to register, so ask your Registrar his or her Registrar ID
Step 2
  • After making your payment in the Bank either Cash Deposit, Mobile Transfer you come beck on our portal to Fill the web Form Application on the registration page with your correct details and specification.Our Team will issue you an application ID which you will use to register. you can also get this ID from your registrar. If you were not directed by someone, kindly SMS us your payment info to +2348136367446, an ID will be sent to you. It may take you just 5 minutes to do that.You can ask your agent Registrar what to fill at each stage if you are lost. Our support line is always open for your technical assistant.
Step 3
  • You can login after your registration. When you login, click on Complete Application and follow the instruction to complete your Course Application. It take just a few minutes for you to complete your course application from your student dashbaord. .Always ask your Registrar to Guide you on each stage of your application.
Step 4
  • Get Prepared for the Physical Training or Get your Training Module Delivered under 1-72 hours in any state you are in Nigeria. We are covering all the 36 State of the Federation for Course Module Purchase Delivery and Training through express Couriers Service. You can also take your time to study your account area or Join Web college Monthly Salary Income Program while receiving your training.



Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1014866918

The Business Blueprint

pic-1-fancyWhat most professionals, Training centres, Institution, tutors and self acclaimed gurus will never tell you is that learning how to do something is just the beginning. The most important thing is how to make people pay you for those skills you acquire.
You will get a copy of the Web Consulting Business Blueprint. A complete blueprint that will open your eyes to the business aspect of web consulting. How to make a minimum of N250,000 Monthly as a Web Consultant Executing Projects.

The Below People Can’t Be Wrong about Web


We have Pick the most popular and influential Individual locally & globally who have made impact on web and they cannot be wrong about Web.

Bill Gate:
Founder of Bing.com

Founder of Yahoo.com

Founder of Google.com

Founder of Facebook.com

Founder of twitter.com

Founder of wikipeidia.com

Linda Ikeji:
Founder of lindaikejisblog.com

Jide Ogunsanya:
Founder of ogbongeblog.com
Web College 24/7 Mentorship & Support Forum
Just like starting a new business or acquiring a new skill, you may meet challenges along the way. We will be there to support you all along. We will continue to offer you full 24/7 support until you succeed like others. You will be given ALL the tools, alliance, training and the motivation required through our Secret Forum Mastermind so You Will Never Walk Alone… As part of the training, you will be put into a high-end mastermind with your peers, snr colleagues, our company, and our team for as long as you want to be a part of it. This is how you’ll connect with future partners, this is where you’ll be able to get instant help any time of day, this is where you’ll be able to get new ideas, or get feedback on your ideas BEFORE you put time and money into developing them.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I really learn All these modules (Web design & App Development) through videos?

YES! we will use the KISS (Keep it simply simple) approach in a click by click training system. And we use tools that makes the process as easy as (copy and paste, click and insert, etc).learning from video is very effective Nothing is left out or forgotten. You learn at your own pace. You can pause and replay.

When I order, what exactly will I get?

Everything you need in DVDs/Flash Drive or download link). The training videos, pdfs, the softwares and tools required plus all the bonuses. You will also get our 24/7 mentorship and support as well as access to a high end mastermind Forum where all your questions will be answered. + An internationally recognized certificate when you are done.

Will the Physcal Training Help me learn faster?

Yes, Our Team is ready to come physically to Train or Teach you or your Cooperation on How to code the web to another level. Registering for the physical training is a sure way of learning things faster.

Do I required any previous knowledge or experience in web consulting?

NO! You don’t need any previous knowledge, as no previous knowledge is assumed. The entire training starts from scratch… The only ability you need is the ability to follow simple step by step instructions one click at a time. If you browse the internet, then you can build websites and android apps.

What if I dont understand or am not satisfied?

Thats almost IMPOSSIBLE… If a 7 years boy could appreciate. How about you? But we believe impossible does not exist. So If for any reason, you are not satisfied or you hate our intonation. No worries. Simple ask for a refund. The risk is on us. You have nothing to lose except what you will lose if you let this opportunity pass you by.

How will the exam be conducted and Certification?

We conduct an automated online screening exam for student. Each exam is done by the sudtent and the timing and marking is done by our system. The stduent aslo have the privilege to come to our Enugu head Office to write the exam. The exam is necssary for us to access your peformance prior to iseuing certifacte.



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